Non-traditional students

Computer Lab - Blended Courses

You might be a non-traditional student if:

  • You are 25 or older and are just starting college, or are returning to finish your degree;
  • You work full-time and can only take a few courses every semester;
  • You have primary responsibility as a caregiver for children or other family members;
  • You can only take courses offered online;
  • You have credits from one or more colleges or universities; or,
  • You have a number of credits from a prior major(s) that you no longer plan to pursue.

The BAAS degree program is a great option for non-traditional students because it has flexible delivery options. We offer courses online, face-to-face, and in blended format. You can choose what works best for your schedule and how you like to study. Whether you are interested in business, criminal justice, psychology, non-profit management, or a host of other disciplines, we have course offerings in a delivery format suitable for your needs.

Students who prefer face-to-face or blended instruction can select the campus that is closest to their home or work. The BAAS program offers courses at the main campus in Denton and at the Collin Higher Education Center in McKinney.

Many non-traditional students return to complete their degree in order to improve promotion opportunities in their current job. Their primary goal is the fastest possible route to a degree. The BAAS facilitates this process through its unique ability to consolidate and utilize previously earned credits—whether these are workforce credits or regular college course credits. This saves you both time and money.