What is BAAS?

The Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences (BAAS) degree is just one of many types of four year degrees (i.e., BA, BS, BBA, BSW, BFA). It is a fully accredited bachelor’s degree with three distinguishing characteristics:

  1. It is designed to help transfer students from community colleges and technical institutions, non-traditional students with college credit, and veterans or active-duty military personnel finish their bachelor’s degree faster;
  2. it does this by accepting many types of credits that other degree programs won’t accept; and,
  3. it is a multidisciplinary degree that gives students the flexibility of choosing up to three different subject areas of study that pertains to their career interests.

The BAAS degree requires a minimum of 120 hours of course credits and consists of five major components:

University Core 42 hours
Professional Foundations 9 hours
Professional Development 36 hours
Occupational Specialization 21 hours
Electives 12 hours
TOTAL 120 hours
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To learn more about the next step to earning a BAAS degree, please see the checklist under Getting Started.