ATPI Program

Applied Technology and Performance Improvement (ATPI) can best be defined as follows: “Applied” means to use, “Technology” means skill with resources, “Performance” means the act of doing and “Improvement” means to make something better. So ATPI is using skills with resources to make something better.

Applied Technology and Performance Improvement (ATPI) students are typically working professionals who have earned credits from a community college, military or work experience and are establishing their careers in the business, government, or industry sector. Taking advantage of the job-specific “know-how” you already possess, you are offered the “soft skills” required to take your career to the next level.

Students in the Applied Technology and Performance Improvement program learn key skills that qualify them to work in a variety of leadership positions. In particular, the BAAS program teaches you how to improve human performance in the work place, to solve real-world problems and to fully realize the potential of employees. You will build on the foundation of what you already know and do, with new knowledge and skills developed in the courses for this degree. You can use what you learn in ATPI daily in your job.

The applied technology piece of the degree program comes from the technology you already use and know, such as the smart phone, e mail, tablet, social media, the Internet, Skype, laptop computer, to computer-based learning technology in your everyday work environment.

If you are looking for a real-world, no nonsense, educational program that will give you the credentials, discipline, and tools to be a great leader in your organization, the ATPI program is for you!