Working Professionals

Working professionals are those students who have been employed for a number of years and have now discovered that their opportunity for advancement is being blocked by the fact that they do not hold a bachelors degree.

Working professionals may have accumulated credits from a community college or a four year university but never finished their bachelors degree.  Their pursuit of a college degree my have been interrupted by marriage and family obligations or military service or a combination of both. 

Can I Get Credit for My Work Experience?

If you need additional hours to complete the 36 hour Occupational Specialization on the BAAS degree plan, send your resume, along with all your college transcripts, to: ci-advising or call 940-565-2445

The BAAS degree in ATPI offers an opportunity to gain up to 24 semester hours of college credit for your work experience.  This credit is granted through a portfolio review process that can be completed at any time once the student has enrolled in the program. 

The College of Information Advising Office will give you an indication of just how many credits you can earn for work experience before you apply to UNT.  Just send your transcripts and resume to