Electives are the final component of the BAAS degree and consist of 12 hours of course credit.You typically select these courses based on your particular interests. You may choose from any approved UNT courses or use transfer credits you and advisor deem appropriate.

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If you are a transfer student with workforce credits, please note that elective hours often consist of additional occupationally-specific credits that were not able to be applied to your Occupational Specialization. Using those courses as electives save you hours and helps you graduate sooner. Of course, you are welcome to take additional classes if you and your advisor decide it is appropriate for your career goals.

In selecting electives, you should exercise caution to insure they fulfill UNT's requirement of 42 hours of advanced-level course work. Please note that coursework completed at a community college may not be used to fulfill UNT’s 42-hour upper division course requirement.