Occupational Specialization

The Occupational Specialization consists of 21 hours of courses that are related to either a specific job or field of study. Your advisor will help you identify courses for your occupational specialization that are based on your personal background and academic experience.

For transfer students, the occupational specialization typically consists of credits from workforce courses completed at a community college or technical institution. These credits are usually earned while working toward an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree or a certificate of completion. Workforce credits in excess of 21 hours may be applied to form one of the student's Professional Development concentrations.

Students outside of ISB

For active duty military or veterans, the occupational specialization may consist of credit awarded for formal training received in the service. The American Council on Education (ACE) evaluates military training courses and occupation-based skills, knowledge, and abilities gained from military service. These evaluations are used to determine if the training you received is equivalent to what is taught in some college level courses.

For non-traditional students, the occupational specialization may consist of coursework completed as a part of a prior major or majors. For others who are returning to finish a degree after a long absence, it might consist of certain course work taken from the earlier period.