Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences - Experience, Discovery, Collaboration, Application

B.A.A.S. Overview

Applied Arts and Sciences is a unit of New College within the University of North Texas. Our staff and faculty work closely together to ensure that students declaring the Applied Arts and Sciences major can combine their prior educational experiences with UNT learning to build a degree that helps to advance their life and career goals. Our students come from many different backgrounds, and most transfer into our program with quite a few college credits, often including technical coursework. After completing the university core curriculum and additional upper level coursework, people earning the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree are prepared to tackle new challenges as leaders in business, industry, non-profit organizations, and community engagement. We emphasize teamwork and excellent communication about complex issues in our courses.

The B.A.A.S. degree is summarized as the sum of experience, discovery, collaboration and application.

Mission Statement

The Applied Arts and Sciences unit (known as the BAAS unit) of New College at the University of North Texas aims to maximize the potential of each individual. Prior education and work experience are integrated with advanced undergraduate courses as students earn the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.) degree. The unit provides personalized advising to build on previously acquired academic, workforce/technical, and military credits. Focused academic concentrations and an integrative, multidisciplinary core tailor the college experience to the professional career goals of each student.