Degree Requirements

Our B.A.A.S. courses teach students to effectively locate and analyze information, collaborate with diverse groups of people, and work productively within organizational systems. Students can transfer up to 84 lower-level credit hours. A minimum 2.0 grade point average is required for the unifying courses component and students must earn a "C" or better in each of the courses to receive credit.

The B.A.A.S. degree is comprised of five major components, which together require a minimum of 120 hours of course credits. The credit hour requirements for each area are as follows:

Component Hours Description
University Core 42 hours The University Core, also known as the Texas General Education Core, consists of a variety of courses (English, history, math, etc.) that are intended to form a general education foundation. These core courses may be taken at UNT or transferred to UNT.
Unifying Courses 9 hours This forms the heart of the B.A.A.S. curriculum and is intended to improve your marketability in today’s workplace. In these three courses, required to be taken at UNT, students sharpen their ability to communicate, negotiate, analyze, and collaborate.
Occupational Specialization 21 hours Includes courses related to a specific occupation, field, or subject. Many technical and workforce courses taken at a community college or in the military may be eligible for transfer to UNT for credit. An occupational specialization can also be created from courses taken at UNT or another four-year college or university.
Professional Development 36 hours Professional Development is what makes the Applied Arts and Sciences degree so versatile. In this component you will either declare a focus area (24 hours) with a concentration (12 hours) or set of 3 concentrations (12 hours each). Concentrations are built from student's interests, making each degree unique.
Electives 12 hours Students may select from an array of courses offered at UNT or apply transfer credits.
TOTAL 120 hours Minimum hour requirement for a B.A.A.S. degree.

Other requirements:

In addition to the degree requirements described in the table above, you must also meet two other requirements.

  1. You must successfully complete a minimum of 36 hours of upper division courses, and at least 24 of these hours must be taken from UNT. Upper division (also referred to as advanced level) courses are typically offered at four-year colleges and universities in students’ junior and senior years. Upper division courses are numbered 3000 and higher at UNT. Please note that some military training qualifies as upper division course work.
  2. You must have both a UNT GPA and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. The cumulative GPA includes your transfer credits as well as your UNT credits. The UNT GPA includes only credits from courses taken at UNT.